Academy Pendulum Sales

Specializing in Foucault Pendulum Displays

Academy Foucault Pendulum Brass BallPendulum
Typical Academy Pendulum Brass Ball

Banner Photo courtesy of Hunt Oil, Dallas, Texas (ball designed especially for Hunt Oil.)
Typical Academy Pendulum Sales brass ball above.

Academy pendulum kits include:

  • A 235-pound 15” polished brass ball with sculptured end caps.
  • A 1/8” cable to suspend the ball.
  • One magnetic drive system is used to keep the ball swinging continuously. (The magnet is located near the suspension point at the top of the cable.)
  • One support tower and pivot assembly
  • One electronics control package
  • One 10”w x 14”h, educational brass wall plaque mounted on a walnut base. It includes a credit to Jean Foucault for his contribution to science, and a brief explanation of the pendulum.
  • Kit comes packed in wooden crates and weighs approximately 640lbs. total.